Simple beauties

Reading by the Window by  Charles James Lewis

One of our local libraries has large framed canvases lining all of the walls, balanced on the tops of the bookshelves. During our last visit there, I noticed the above image, Reading by the Window, and it struck a longing deep within me.  The simple beauty of this moment–lounging comfortably with an animal friend and a book before an open window looking out to sea… I can imagine few things more lovely and heart-filling. Though maybe, if I were the artist, I would have also painted a female companion, bending over the reader’s shoulder–a hand resting lightly there–to peer at the words on the page… And a cat.  No halcyon scene is complete without a cat.


About Jennifer Diemer

Jennifer is an author of speculative fiction. Follow her on Twitter at
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One Response to Simple beauties

  1. Arielle says:

    Such a beautiful picture. ❤
    I've always dreamed that one day my house would have a window seat, so I could do just this.

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