The Annual Fable Tribe Cyber Monday Sale~

Welcome to the annual Fable Tribe Cyber Monday sale! Whether you’re shopping online today for all of the fairies and goblins on your list, or trying to treat yourself to something special, use coupon code “ComfortAndJoy” to take 20% off your entire order, today only! Also, any order over $50 will receive a surprise mystery Glamourkin!

I know I’ve talked before (and will again!) about why buying handmade matters, but let me reprise it here for you today: Jenn and I are full-time writers and Etsy creators. We depend entirely on people believing that art is precious, that handmade matters, that stories are beautiful creatures, and that wearable art and beauty is essential to life. We would be completely unable to do what we do if people didn’t believe that handmade was more essential than store bought. Anyone can go to any mall store and buy a mass-produced piece of jewelry. But you come to our shop and buy ours–the pendant that is handmade, one of a kind, that we created, that story that we spun. That’s magic, that choice.

Many people have purchased some of their Yule list from us this year, and we are eternally grateful for that. We have many more sparkly things in the shop, and we would love to send on something special to you for someone special in your heart.

Thank you for supporting the Fable Tribe all year ’round–you are essential to our livelihood, and we are so beyond grateful for you. ❤


About Sarah Diemer

Sarah is an Autumn Fairy. She loves forest pathways and bubbling brooks, and the good, sharp scent of crunching leaves at twilight. When Sarah isn't gluing things together, she is baking various magical pastries or writing novels about kick-ass young ladies loving other ladies. She can't help but leave fairy dust (glitter) everywhere she goes.
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