Our Etsy Shop

Please visit The Fable Tribe on Etsy for enchanting adornments, magical creations and fairy wonder! ❤


In The Fable Tribe, we have several different magical offerings. We are most well known for our…

Glamourkins: Made from old, unloved fairy tale books and original spells and poems, each Glamourkin is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable, magical art.

(We also make them out of spoons!)

A newer creation is our…

Invocations: An Invocation is a small, portable holder of magic. On its own, it’s an enchanting reminder to invoke that quality in your life, something you can keep in a sacred place in your home or where you can see it often (as a reminder!). But when you set the crystal upon it, with a sacred intention, you are doing a physical action of invocation that will (depending on what you believe!) either trigger that quality in your subconscious, or invoke it with magic into your life.

A favorite among Fable Tribe admirers are the enchanting adornments in…

Antheia’s Garden: Floral hair adornments made of old fairy tale pages and floral crowns fit for a fairy queen!


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