The Annual Fable Tribe Cyber Monday Sale~

Welcome to the annual Fable Tribe Cyber Monday sale! Whether you’re shopping online today for all of the fairies and goblins on your list, or trying to treat yourself to something special, use coupon code “ComfortAndJoy” to take 20% off your entire order, today only! Also, any order over $50 will receive a surprise mystery Glamourkin!

I know I’ve talked before (and will again!) about why buying handmade matters, but let me reprise it here for you today: Jenn and I are full-time writers and Etsy creators. We depend entirely on people believing that art is precious, that handmade matters, that stories are beautiful creatures, and that wearable art and beauty is essential to life. We would be completely unable to do what we do if people didn’t believe that handmade was more essential than store bought. Anyone can go to any mall store and buy a mass-produced piece of jewelry. But you come to our shop and buy ours–the pendant that is handmade, one of a kind, that we created, that story that we spun. That’s magic, that choice.

Many people have purchased some of their Yule list from us this year, and we are eternally grateful for that. We have many more sparkly things in the shop, and we would love to send on something special to you for someone special in your heart.

Thank you for supporting the Fable Tribe all year ’round–you are essential to our livelihood, and we are so beyond grateful for you. ❤

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The Fable Tribe Update is Live~ <3

Our Glamourkin-centric update of The Fable Tribe is now live! There are many beautiful, and magic-filled lake-stone pendants, the regular Glamourkin shape of pendant, and some book and circle Glamourkins as well. We’ve also debuted the Glamourkin Oracle!

The inherent magic of Glamourkins lies in the fact that each pendant is intended for one person. One person on all the Earth. But humans are uncertain creatures, sometimes unaware as to which bits of wisdom would serve them best in their day-to-day journeys. And sometimes they need an outside voice to spell out the inner truths they already know.

Thus, we have created the Glamourkin Oracle. With your purchase, you will receive ONE Glamourkin pendant specially chosen for you by fate, faeries, or the Divine–whatever you believe. : ) Cast your cares to the Universe and receive the message you alone are meant to explore. Repeat its words like a mantra, and wear it close to your heart. ❤

from The Glamourkin Oracle

Any sharing about the update, purchases or word-of-mouth mentioning is supreme love, and deeply appreciated. The only way we are able to do what we do is because of the amazing support and love shown to us and the Fable Tribe–we appreciate it more than we could EVER articulate it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale: Five More Hours and ANOTHER Upped Sparkle!

Ladies and gentlefae, we are approaching the last five hours of the annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale! This is the only sale of the year at the Fable Tribe, and lots of you have been taking advantage of it, and loved the Glamourkin incentive~

Well, the fairies are VERY mischievous indeed. As there are only a few hours left of the sale, the sparkle is upped ONE more time!

Because everyone was so supportive of the sale, we’ve moved the order number back: the first TWENTY orders of $20 or more (after discount and before shipping!) will receive a free surprise Glamourkin in their package! There are about five slots left for this, so you still have a chance!

(Some people asked us that, if they came back today and made over the $20 amount again on an order, if they would receive two free Glamourkins: THE ANSWER IS YES! <3)

ALSO: every order made today (and yes, yesterday!) is in the running to receive a FREE custom Glamourkin!

How’s that for sparkle? 😀 (Good gods, you guys, this is such fun.  ❤  Thank you so much for supporting it so much and being so excited about this!  YOU ROCK!!!!  <3333)

Five hours left! ❤

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The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale Begins Now!

Welcome to the annual Midsummer Fable Tribe sale! Use this coupon code to receive 40% off your entire purchase!


Welcome to the sparkle! Any questions, please ask! ♥

Here’s a few things to know!

– This is the only sale in the entire year for the Fable Tribe. If you’ve loved something, this is your only chance to get it on sale!
– The coupon code will only work for twenty-four hours–at the end of twenty-four hours, the coupon code will be deactivated and will no longer work. That means at five PM tomorrow, it’ll poof and disappear! 🙂
– If you check out and don’t use the coupon code, you’ll pay full price for the listings, which is something I can’t change having happened–so please make certain to use the coupon code! It’s on the checkout page–if you have any problems, please let me know!
– Why are we doing the sale? We’ve always done it, and it’s one of our favorite ways to honor our favorite/frequent customers. We’ll never stop, as long as we make sparkly things, doing our once-a-year crazy-happy-glittery-splosion. ❤
– You can totally share this, if’n ye be wishin’! <333333

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The Fable Tribe Update!

The Fable Tribe update is live in the shop! This time around we debuted several new, shiny things, including Glamourkins made out of little wooden books, Invocation Blessing Bowls (of which there is only one left!) and Fairy Wish Houses!

This is the update that’s going to make the Fairie Festival possible for us and vanquish some pesky, unexpected bills, so any spreading of the word is extremely appreciated, and earns you magical, internet hugs! Possibly from unicorns! I’ll see if they’re willing to hug people. XD <333333333333

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The Fable Tribe — Etsy Update~! <3

Beautiful people, welcome to the Fable Tribe’s Glamourkin update for March~! Glamourkins are altered art pendants created from old, unloved fairy tale books and original poetry and spells that we write. Bound together, they are reminders of magic in the mundane. We believe that each Glamourkin is made for one specific person–are you the one? ❤

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Simple beauties

Reading by the Window by  Charles James Lewis

One of our local libraries has large framed canvases lining all of the walls, balanced on the tops of the bookshelves. During our last visit there, I noticed the above image, Reading by the Window, and it struck a longing deep within me.  The simple beauty of this moment–lounging comfortably with an animal friend and a book before an open window looking out to sea… I can imagine few things more lovely and heart-filling. Though maybe, if I were the artist, I would have also painted a female companion, bending over the reader’s shoulder–a hand resting lightly there–to peer at the words on the page… And a cat.  No halcyon scene is complete without a cat.

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